My Skill Stack

(The concept of skill stack was invented by Scott Adams and is explained here by Darius Foroux. )

My main skills are web development, electrical engineering and video production.

  1. Programming. Programming requires you to think in reverse and sideways. It is a delightful discipline. Many tactical concepts translate well to other domains: premature optimization, keep it as simple as possible, well structured data, self-explanatory, etc. I won't list all languages that I have ever written in. These days I mainly use Python, PHP, Javascript, Arduino. (Are HTML and CSS languages?)
  2. Web development. If it works on phones (2/3 of web traffic) it will work reasonable well on most other platforms. Not the other way around. That does not mean that you couldn't make something specifically for "desktop" anymore. (In the biz "desktop" includes laptop computers.) I recently developed with Matt Kirby. Go take a look if you are interested in history (but not on a phone.)
  3. Graphic design. I propose that a new version of CSS will be written by Guido van Rossum that will exist alongside the clusterkludge that is the existing CSS.
  4. Databases. A world changing technology that most people have never heard of.
  5. Script writing. (Film & TV) I made my living with it for a number of years.
  6. Video production. I produced documentaries, children's programs etc. Here is a documentary on astronomy I did a while ago.
  7. Video editing. I did 8mm and 16mm first. Now I do Davinci Resolve.
  8. Audio engineering. A Nagra is heavy. Recorded Albums.
  9. Electrical engineering. My most recent skill. Design circuits, design printed circuit boards, IRL user interfaces.
  10. 3D design. Fusion 360 by AutoDesk is so much fun to use!
  11. 3D animation. Blender is the best. (I used to use LightWave3D.)
  12. 3D printing. I can sometimes design and print something faster than it used to take me to find something on Ebay. The exact thing you need isn't on Ebay anyway. This changes everything.